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What is TrialDirector?
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TrialDirector by inData is one of the overall best solutions for “legal trial presentation software”.  TrialDirector legal software, allows for the importation and organization of case files including exhibits, documents, graphics, photos, images, animations, videotaped depositions, deposition transcripts, synchronized deposition transcripts using popular files types such PowerPoint, PDF files, TIFF , JPG, DOC, XLS, MDB, ASCII, PTR, Summation and Concordance database integration and compatibility and much more.   After using the TrialDirector interface to organize your case, TrialDirector uses an interactive presentation platform that allows the user to present documents, transcripts and video on screen.  Additional TrialDirector presentation features include document highlighting, document callout and zooming, cropping, annotating, redacting, zoning and more.  The TrialDirector presentation mode has four zones representing four quarters, areas or squares on the screen.  These zones allow the user to call up files to different areas on the screen.  Take a look at our Case Organizing and Playback sections for a short sample video on TrialDirector. 

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How Can TrialDirector Help Your Firm?
TrialDirector can help make a law firm’s trial presentation more organized and expandable.  Firms that already have exhibits and documents in a digital format can import files into TrialDirector and start organizing their case.  TrialDirector can be networked on a law firm’s in-house servers and TrialDirector can be used to code documents for permanent storage and archiving.  We recommend that I law firm familiarizes their staff with TrialDirector and uses the program for scanning and organizing their case files, but when the case goes to trial, they call in a TrialDirector trial consultant and courtroom presentation specialist to help run multimedia and equipment.  Typically, paralegals or legal assistants are not qualified to run software and presentations using different types of mediums in a high stress environment.  However, should the need arise, Digital Contrast is available to train your law firm staff.

TrialDirector Organizes Documents and Exhibits
TrialDirector can perform high speed document scanning with naming, allowing a law firm to quickly scan in documents and label them according to exhibit numbers.  Preferably scanned in as TIFF files, the TIFFS can then be annotated, rotated, categorized, placed in workbooks or folders, highlighted, redacted and much more.  TrialDirector can scrub seamlessly through thousands of documents with the click of a mouse.  Documents can then be coded and indexed for searchable capabilities.  Take a look at our Case Organizing section for a short sample video on organizing exhibits and documents using TrialDirector.

TrialDirector Manages Deposition Transcripts and Video
TrialDirector allows users to import deposition transcript files in a number of standard formats.  Typically when working with videotaped depositions in TrialDirector, the transcript is actually synchronized with the videotaped deposition timecodes.  By searching a transcript for keywords, the corresponding video can also be played back.  Deposition page-line designations can be created by selecting the page and lines in the transcript and creating a new clip, which automatically cues up the video clip.  Multiple clips can be created making it possible to scroll the transcript with the video on screen.  Every attorney has his or her own preference for scrolling text with the video.  TrialDIrector and Sanction offer several options related to showing deposition transcripts on the screen with videotaped depositions.

TrialDirector Organizes Additional Case Files and Demonstratives
TrialDirector also allows attorney to import and play back many other types of files and formats.  QuickTime movies, mp3 files, scrolling pdf files, play your PowerPoint slides back from within TrialDirector.  Likewise, import TrialDirector into a PowerPoint slide and you can effectively call up any of your TrialDirector case files into a PowerPoint.  Create PowerPoint slides using the files in the TrialDirector database or case files.

TrialDirector Presentation Mode
TrialDirector’s presentation mode is one of the best parts about the program allowing users to call up documents via keyboard commands, bar codes readers and drag & drop. Using the multiple screen feature, a presenter can continue to work in TrialDirector while exhibits and videos are playing on additional monitors.

Why Should a Firm Hire a Trial Presentation Specialist or Trial Consultant Versus Allowing In-House Staff to Run TrialDirector and Present Their Case in Court?
During most trials, it is usually recommended that law firm’s hire a presentation specialist because of several reasons:

  1. If your case has technical difficulties, you have to have someone qualified to troubleshoot the situation.
  2. An experienced trial presenter can often be a key component in helping demonstrate facts of a case to a jury.
  3. Often, a trial presentation specialist has been involved in more jury trials than an entire legal staff or even an experienced attorney’s entire career trials. . . . as a trial presentation specialist or trial consultant could be involved in 10, 20 or perhaps 30 trials to verdict per year.
  4. Legal assistants and paralegals have enough stress trying to keep up with attorneys.  If they are concentrating on running technology, then they cannot fully respond to legal requests made from the attorney.  Being able to operate TrialDirector or Sanction in an isolated environment is not the same as hooking up equipment in a changing or live environment.  Technological mistakes can cost millions of dollars at trial.

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